22 Pistol is that gun dealer organization you’ve always wanted around. We understand the difficulties faced in having to own a firearm, so we’re here to bring a change to that. We would supply just the right firearms for the public.

We furthermore decided to ease this the pressure of having to buy firearms online with your credit card details which some firearm buyers are uncomfortable with, so we accept cryptocurrency payment especially for clients not based in the US.

Why Choose Us?

International Delivery

We break the boundaries your local gun dealer won’t and deliver to you internationally. All costs for transportation has been suppressed into a small fee of $15 only to any location worldwide

Bulk Purchases

We give other gun shop the opportunity to have some quality armor from our shop. For buying bulk from us, you’ll have to contact us so we provide a perfect coupon for you!

Shopping Experience

Our online shop has been designed with one of the best and easiest CMS to navigate through pages and products; making your shopping experience one of a kind.

Payment Methods

We’ve deliberated on the perfect payment methods for our customers and concluded with Debit cards and Bitcoins for our customers worldwide then Zelle specifically for our broader market in the United States.